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Bubble on my Eyeball

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I brought this up last time I got my eyes checked for contacts but the eye doctor didn't seem to worried about it - but also didn't tell me what could have caused it, and I was wondering if anyone here knew or have experienced it before.

Three times now in the last few months, if something has irritated my eye (an eyelash, or if I rubbed it the wrong way) I've developed a huge bubble on the eyeball (think about 1/3 of my eye) filled with fluid. It doesn't hurt, but is very uncomfortable as it squishes when I blink and I can't blink fully with it because it sticks out so far that my eyelids won't fully close, it just closes on top of the bubble and squishes it out a bit. It goes away on its own after about an hour and a half -> two hours.

Since the development of this I have.. what looks like a bit of 'extra skin' on my eyeball in the corner, a little pocket that folds over like the lining has been stretched from the bubble and won't go smooth again.

Anyone else ever have this? Is it normal?

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    • Hi Naivete,

      I hope you find this post! I have the same problem! The "bubble" is a swollen area of the whites of the eye, and the eye becomes red, right? In fact, I'm having this now, which is why I am scanning this Eye & Vision message board. I once went to the emergency room, because my entire eye had this swelling reaction, and the doctor said it's an allergic reaction and to take Benadryl. I've had this happen at my old house, my parent's house, my workplace, and my current apartment, so I know it must be due to some common allergen in the environment. Sometimes only part of my eye swells in this way (like yours); sometimes it's the entire eye. Once it was both eyes at once! It also seems to occur more and more often. I worry it will cause eye damage in the long-term. The only solution I can see would be to stop wearing contact lenses and always wear glasses, which would hopefully prevent the allergen from coming in contact with the eye (because if you go to rub your eye, you'll hit the glasses instead.) But I'm not willing to stop wearing contacts yet. I wish we were allowed to exchange email addresses, but since we're not, post here again if you have more thoughts. Good luck to you!

      #1; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:26:00 GMT
    • Only time I ever get that bubble look is when I wear my contacts (Left one isn't a perfect fit) Best thing I could suggest is actually getting in to see the doctor WHEN it is happening.

      Good Luck.

      #2; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:27:00 GMT