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Is it normal to "unfocus" your eyes?

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For as long as I could remember, I have been able to unfocus my eyes at will. I could look at anything, and just make it all blurry, then go back to normal instantly. I never see blurry normally, only when I unfocus my eyes. I always thought this was normal, but I asked a few friends and my parents, and none of them said it is normal. Am I suppose to be able to do this?

((Sorry if its a stupid question, just wandering))

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    • Kid: It's perfectly normal. In fact, it takes effort (though we're not aware of it) to focus. When we stare off into space our eyes go out of focus. It's easy to do if you're looking at a digital alarm clock. You can get two fairly clear sets of numbers.


      #1; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 16:43:00 GMT
    • I know what you're saying, 'Kid', and I used to could do this too when I was younger, but since I'm older now, the eyes have lost considerable "flex", probably due to presbyopia (sp?). I bet you will too as you get into your late 40's or 50's. Mine pretty well stay locked in now. ;)

      Howdy, Torre! Long time no SEE

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    • Hello High Anxiety! Enjoy your day--up here in so. Ontario it's snowy and 4-below-0.


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    • B-r-rr! Ya' made me feel cold, Torre! Gave me a chill even! :D Down here in the great Lone Star State of Texas, we're around 55, and some overdue, badly needed rain falling now. Maybe it will settle the dust and pollen ACHOO!:D 'Saw' ya' later.
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