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Treatment for Conjuntivochalasis

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For anyone diagnosed with this condition, an interesting opinion from a doctor I contacted (who I won't name) here in the UK:

>The surgery is "minor" in our terms but not frequently carried out. I

>happened to do three or four procedures last year and used amniotic membrane

>for these. . I am not sure that

>an amniotic membrane graft is the best procedure however; there are small

>series of other procedures which are less traumatic (mattress sutures and

>subconjunctival dissection of tenon's capsule). The problem with going to

>the web for information is that there are a lot of surgeons out there

>(mostly american) pushing their own technique for financial gain.


>In brief there is certainly no need to go abroad to have a procedure for the

>treatment of conjunctivochalasis but the evidence for which procedure is

>best is absent. All procedures that have been described are simple to do,

>although rarely done in the UK, and within the remit of any corneal and

>external disease specialist here. The only reason for going abroad would be

>to have a specific surgeon carry out the treatment.

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